Seeking Synthesis – About this blog in ’07

Marriage circleI have always been a seeker, but until recently I could not articulate what it was that called to me, begging to be found. In the face of a world that becomes increasingly more difficult to understand, I have begun to understand that I have been seeking the “why” of it all. Not being foolish enough to believe that I will ever receive an answer to such a question, I realize that I have just been looking for the right road, not the final destination.

This journey takes the guise of a spiritual quest if only because I cannot think of anything that gets closer to the essence of the “why” than the spirit, the communion with the divine. In less than three decades on this planet I have dedicated myself to many things: love, writing, yoga, the attainment of knowledge. At the root of all that I hold dear, all that I hope might define me is the simple matter of the soul, that essence that is at once all that we are and more than we could ever be.

When I am walking around matters of the soul, trying to describe that which cannot be spoken, I constantly arrive at one word: synthesis. The synthesis of my whole being, body and mind, with this spiritual enterprise. The synthesis of these ideas and the way I live them in this community of the earth. The synthesis of all of the traditions that I have been fortunate enough to study I recognize that all is One, that every true faith is saying the same things with different metaphors, that there is no other God but God. On these pages I hope to draw together the disparate thoughts that define modern existence and ancient beliefs in order to set more signposts along the path to simply understanding why.


5 thoughts on “Seeking Synthesis – About this blog in ’07

  1. Doug December 12, 2007 / 9:20 am

    Hi Epiphany Girl,

    Thanks again for linking to OneBlog from your site. I am writing to let you know that the name of OneBlog has changed to Unkosher Jesus:

    Thanks again for your interest, and keep on blogging and searching!


  2. Mish Lee December 13, 2007 / 11:33 pm

    Hmm, coincidentally, in response to your comment I just wished you good luck on your journey before visiting.

    that all is One, that every true faith is saying the same things with different metaphors

    Quite so.

  3. Amanda December 16, 2008 / 9:23 pm

    I want to say that this a beautiful blog and I’m very glad I found it during this time in which my life seems filled with turmoil. Take care and have a wonderful holiday season.

    • girlwhocriedepiphany December 17, 2008 / 10:56 am

      Dear Amanda, I am so glad that you found me as well. I am so honored to think that I am playing even a small part of bringing you some much needed peace.

      I wish you many blessings and sweetness on your journey through this December and throughout the year.
      — Marisa

  4. aunt marian January 28, 2009 / 2:41 pm

    i dont have a website yet but egypt and i will have one soon and wwe can chat then

    i love your language and wait until egypt says about seeking. love

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