(Re)Birth – About this blog now ’09

On October 24, 2009 our baby girl Moira Jacqueline was born at home with the help of a couple of awesome midwives, my amazing husband, my soulmate of a mother, and my phenomenal best friend.

Epiphany Girl and Epiphany Mama, 12 hours after the birth

I had stopped crying out my epiphanies when I found out I was pregnant.  The focus turned inward as I dedicated myself to the private journey toward motherhood.

But now, I am rededicating myself to this blog and to my public voice.  I am writing now to describe this new journey as an Epiphany Girl’s Mama and how it is bound to enhance and challenge all that I think I know about spirituality, healing, and preserving the environment.

Plus, I must admit I have an ulterior motive as I work on crafting my words and articulating my ideas.  I am trying every angle I can and talking to every angel I encounter in hopes that the Universe can conspire with me to make my most fervent wish a reality: to be able to stay home to raise my daughter and find a way to help support the family through my healing work, my writing, and my editing and graphic design skills.

So, thanks for stopping by.  May the epiphanies abound!


One thought on “(Re)Birth – About this blog now ’09

  1. HealingTraveler January 25, 2010 / 1:02 am

    The epiphany you have been through in the last year may be the most powerful epiphany there is: the incredible revelation of life manifesting through us. In honor of that, perhaps you would like something in this set of Epiphany Images from my blog, ImagetoHeal.wordpress.com which I have just renamed Imagine Healing and Awakening, so the Epiphany Images are not posted on the new blog.
    Epiphany Images 1.10
    We are still in the glow of the feast of the Three Kings. Epiphany means revelation or manifestation. These are powerful words – a good time to ask for what we want revealed to us, or what we want to manifest. As a general reflection on the depth of the images of the Epiphany figures, we might consider the following:
    the Christ Child as the Light of Consciousness, newborn or reborn within us, young and tender
    Mary: Mother energy, feeding our consciousness daily with nurturing thoughts, images, loving reminders
    Joseph: Father energy, protecting us by helping us set healthy boundaries, helping us provide for our outer needs
    the Shepherd, guarding the flock of sheep, who are like our wandering thoughts, and goats, our willful thoughts. The good shepherd is a voice within us that calls our thoughts back to the path toward the green pasture of healthy positive thoughts and peace
    the Angel, the awareness or memory that proclaims to us: There is a path to love, enlightenment, our Whole Self
    the Wise Men, seeking to pay homage and service to the Light, bringing myrrh which helps maintain health and physical integrity in the body, frankincense which has been used as a meditation aid since ancient times, and gold which represents great value, even a heart of gold. Thus the wisest parts of us bring body, mind and spirit or heart to the service of our ever expanding Consciousness, which has come to bring the good tidings of Peace and Oneness with good hearts everywhere and the Great Heart at the center of the universe.

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