Harvesting Bravery: Giving Birth to the Other Baby

•April 24, 2010 • 5 Comments

Moira was born October 24 and now, we can mark the birth Brave Harvest Holistic Promotions exactly halfway round the wheel of the year.

Dedicated to supporting and promoting holistic health practitioners (and others!), Brave Harvest will help you connect and communicate with current and prospective clients.  Writing and editing your website and newsletters…  Designing your print publications… Marketing to prospective clients…  Managing your presence on social networking sites…

More services to come including full “agent” services for teachers and practitioners interested in expanding their healing touch through classes and workshops.

My own website is still in process, but for now, please check in at Facebook.

Naming it and creating it… What is this business and what will we call her?

•March 4, 2010 • 3 Comments

The basics: I am creating my own business.  I will be supporting and promoting holistic health care practitioners by offering my skills as a writer, an editor, a healer, and a visionary.  Yep, I dared call myself a visionary, and while I may not stick that on the business card, I know that talking with people about their dreams for their practice and helping them sketch out a way to realize their goals is going to be a huge part of my work.

I’ve got enough inner geek to see me through social networking and basic website creation, and I know I have a good eye and enough skill with InDesign to make some darn good publications.  And is describing a Vinyasa Yoga class in two sentences the coolest way to play with language that I could ever be paid for?  YES!

So, during the long drive home from work and picking up my Angel Baby last night I thought back to my word of 2010: COURAGE.  This whole enterprise is requiring buckets of the stuff, and I need to remind myself to dig deep and replenish the stocks at least once a day.  And so, the newest incarnation of my fledgling business’s name has been born:

Brave Harvest Holistic Promotions

Woke up this morning and I still like it.  It’s making me feel brave enough to move through the day despite all the nightmares and the fears of AM I INSANE to try to pull together a business while I still stick to the security of the day job AND play mommy with all my heart and soul?

Someday my husband will forgive me for chaining him to the kitchen where he creates the nourishment that keeps this Fierce Mama Machine moving along…

Chapter 3 of “Help Me Name My Business”

•March 2, 2010 • 2 Comments

Ok, we may just have a winner, folks.

What do you think of

Harvest Born Holistic Promotions?

Have we found a name? The “Name My Business Saga” continues!

•March 1, 2010 • 2 Comments

Thanks for all the input, friends!

The latest (maybe the greatest) incarnation: Harvest Holistic Promotions.

Kinda love it, kinda worry that it doesn’t roll off the tongue the way I would like. In that case, I start to lean towards Harvest Ridge Holistic Promotions since we happen to look out on the gorgeous Shawangunk Ridge here in the Hudson Valley.

P.S. Think it is a concern that “Holistic Harvest” is the name of a California cannabis club??

Help me name my new business!

•February 28, 2010 • 12 Comments

So, you’ve heard about all that is keeping me from writing in this space, and things are no less hectic!  But I am truly loving the ride toward creating the future that my family and my spirit are longing for.

I need your help, dear blog readers.  I am building a new business supporting and promoting holistic health practitioners.  Thing is, I can’t decide what to name it.  Do I go for clever and make people say “what an intriguing name!  whatever could they do?”  Or, do I play it safe and throw another soothing, but semi-generic name into the alternative healing soup?

Please leave me other questions and ideas in the comments section!

I miss you all!

Oops, We Lost Her Again

•February 18, 2010 • 4 Comments

I vanished down the rabbit hole again, but here the Mad Hatter’s table is attended by a baby who grows more alert by the day; a version of my birth story I am trying to get published; a greater attention to my meditative life (even if it’s only in five minutes glimpses); hopes of rededicating myself to my healing work; trying to get my new business off the ground; and still bringing in a steady paycheck with the day job.  And, and, and…

Full of run on sentences and long to do lists and tasty bedtime reading: Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morganstern (shockingly, I have not wanted to throw it across the room! I need her help!).

Someday, I’ll be back – PROMISE!

Finding Light in the Moonlight

•January 30, 2010 • 3 Comments

With the return to the status quo of the J-O-B, the blossoming of a potential new business that will release me from the aforementioned status quo, and, most importantly, the care and feeding of an Angel Baby, there has been little time to pin epiphanies to the screen.

But, this morning I woke in time for a solitary cup of tea and the chance to watch the fullest lady moon set in the western sky just as the opposite horizon gave itself over to the sun’s glow.  And before that, when I filled up the kettle from the fridge’s water dispenser I realized exactly what I would tell Moira when she someday asks me what she should look for in the person she will marry.

She’ll know she’s met “the one” because the perfect soul mate will always light her way.

Sometimes when stumbling about in the rocky trail of becoming, it is easy to feel isolated and lost even when someone you love more than life slumbers beside you.  But then you need to look around you and find the light shining from most unexpected places, always burning somewhere to guide you home.

In my case, it was the glow of the LEDs on the water dispenser that my husband installed last winter.  Filling up that bedtime glass in the dark kitchen always led to spills and muttered curses, and so he made a little addition to our brand new monster of a refrigerator.  This morning as I filled the kettle in the thickest darkness, that of a January morning at 5 a.m., I was more grateful for its light than I ever had been at nighttime.  I knew I had found the one who would always light my way and that he slept upstairs, sheltering our most perfect creation.


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