Returning Sun and Waning Moon: Presidents and Progressions

dsc00228There are some things that you do not blog about, at least not until the lessons have been distilled and the gory details been sublimated into lessons and broader examples. It is important to me that I offer wisdom here, not a transcript of my life. The sanctity of my inner world and those of my loved ones depends on my understanding that difference.

I have been working with some challenges that were bound to demand my attention eventually, and so I have stayed away from daily posting. If I had tried harder, I could have scraped together the time to spin out some rhetoric and offer some platitidtudes, but I think my readers are too smart to read what would have simply been empty pleasantries.

Today, I am still dancing warily with this sort of communication, afraid the necessary veils may slip and I may reveal too much and also worried that I am not in a place to yet believe my own optimism.

What I can offer is my husband’s comment on his way out the door as he put on his coat to brave the 6:30 a.m. chill: “I think the sun is actually trying to come up.”

The winter solstice was one month ago today. Despite our darkest December convictions, the sun is proving that it will in fact return and that we will once again be taught the joys of daylight.

How perfect it is to notice that the light is finally getting the upper hand on the first morning that the sun has risen over a new family in the White House.

Hope and dawn. Those two ideas are always linked in metaphor. I feel blessed to watch that metaphor take on a new sense of reality as I watch the horizon brighten a little earlier each morning.

lincoln-memorialThinking about politics and the skies, this morning I looked up to a waning moon again the rosy east. I would never have gotten married or planned any other life changing event while the moon was in its phase of decrease, but there is something fitting about January 20 falling during the fading Wolf Moon. As much as we are celebrating all that is fresh and new in an Obama administration, we also recognize the diminishing influence of fear and aggression that have marked the last eight years. And that incredible inaugural address yesterday was as much about letting the greed and irresponsibility fall away as it was about adding new challenges and strength to the American character.

APTOPIX Obama InaugurationAnd for all of the meaning that the astrologers may assign to the phases of Earth’s closest neighbor and dearest friend, we must remember that there is always beauty in our moon, no matter what face she shows us.

We need to be able to find that sort of beauty in ourselves and one another. May our new president inspire us. May we find the courage to act upon that inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Returning Sun and Waning Moon: Presidents and Progressions

  1. Mish January 22, 2009 / 1:48 am

    “there is always beauty in our moon, no matter what face she shows us.”

    Hecate, who is also called the three-faced one, comes to mind. She can be hard and as cold as death, but she is also the wise old grandmother.

    To hope and dawning of a new day, or era.

  2. Tess January 22, 2009 / 8:50 am

    Good wishes to you in your challenges, and may they make you stronger as the moon fades and grows again.

  3. pam January 22, 2009 / 10:27 pm

    Blessings to you as you work things through. I really appreciate your honesty and privacy, and look forward to hearing your wisdom when you are ready.
    May you find hope in all the expected (and unexpected) places.

    • girlwhocriedepiphany January 25, 2009 / 11:28 am

      Thanks, Tess and Pam. Things seem to be finding their equilibrium again and wisdom is separating itself from the drama enough that I am finding some freedom of expression again. I am hoping I am really back!
      Yes, Mish, to hope and dawning and every face of every goddess.

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