Wisdom’s Messenger

I am still very much excited and energized by the word I have chosen to be my theme this year – align (I better be, the year isn’t even twenty hours old yet!).

And yet, the more I contemplate the ways I will practice “align” the more I understand that this is just a tool that will get me through my year. A single word cannot hold all that aspire to, all that I expect from myself in my journey through 2009. It isn’t supposed to, after all, since this is supposed to be an alternative to those cumbersome and cruel new year’s to-do lists.dsc00613

Align is the daily breath of inspiration that will help me fly toward my larger vision – aligning with my soul’s purpose.

I didn’t exactly expect to receive the gift of a goal that was annunciated any better than that, but as I sat down in the meditation chair tonight, I was offered something slightly more concrete.

This holiday break has allowed me to pursue the activities that my heart dreams might occupy my every moment: writing, reading, meditating, healing myself and my beloved, tending to our home, and being present to watch the setting sun and the waxing of the moon. It has given me the courage to whisper to the Universe that I have so much work to do in this world that I am ready invest all of my energies in these creative pursuits.

It’s the old tension between vocation and avocation rearing its troublesome head again (or perhaps I should say still). As much as I have tried to crush it under the heels of my boots every time I walk from the car into work, this lingering conviction that I am meant to do something else, something more, still persists.

And so, tonight I was asking for guidance for the year to come and I was given this new way to frame my identity, my sense of purpose:

wisdom’s messenger

It seems the Universe sees fit to offer me a fancy title in answer to my question of who I am meant to be in the year to come. All I need to do is live my way into fulfilling such a promising offer. I have been graced with this thirst to know, this desire to serve, this yearning to connect. (Pair that with this Gemini’s love of writing and communication and call me a mortal Mercury!)

dsc005502009, please help me to walk across your pages as

a seeker of truth,

a gatherer of visions,

a messenger of wisdom.

And you, dear readers, are there any insistent messages that have blown in with the new year? Any shifts so powerful they refuse to be contained by a single word alone?


4 thoughts on “Wisdom’s Messenger

  1. novice101 January 1, 2009 / 10:39 pm

    Yes, ‘align’ is a good indicative word. It reminds us to get in line. You are right it is just a tool, we still need to do the homework. We still have to remind ourselves of the word daily so that we do not get off the track.

    Happy New Year!

    2009 may have its moments of surprises, challenges, triumphs, tribulations, highs and lows but through our combined efforts we can leave our marks on it.

    We can all make our small contributions to make this year a better year. Let the cumulative effect works its wonder, we just have to come together.

    RennyBA said 1 hour ago:

  2. Lunarmusings January 2, 2009 / 1:44 pm

    Align. Such a potent word! I support you and offer you a hearty Blessed Be! I’m inspired by your mindful approach to your year. I sense we are all in for quite a transformitive journey.

    • girlwhocriedepiphany January 3, 2009 / 11:28 am

      Dear Novice, Welcome! I wish you a blessed 2009 and look forward to joining you in contributing as much goodness to it as possible.

      Dear LunarMusings, I’ll take all the “blessed bes” I can get – thank you! I am so excited to be journeying along beside you.

  3. Lil January 4, 2009 / 6:35 pm

    hi fellow worder, my own is “tenacity”…and it came to me in a very powerful conversation with my Self. Apparently I have it (it’s in my aura even), it’s not new to me althuogh I’ve denied it’s existence for a few years now. Even so…while I’m fearful that I can’t live up to what I am already within, I am looking forward to living tenaciously now that I’ve remembered.

    Align ~ it feels serene to me…

    Nice to me you,

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