Live Within the Harvest of Your Own Creation

Live within your harvest

This phrase has woven itself through my consciousness ever since I saw it painted on a sign at the country store.

It seemed more than fitting in this time of economic craziness. We all need to reframe “greed is bad” into some sort of life affirming mantra.img_1052_2

A post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago about finding an alternative to the consumerist imperative has managed to get a little bit of attention. It also connected me to Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus and clued me in to the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are dedicated to living more simply, desiring both to leave less of a dent in their savings accounts and to leave a less toxic footprint on the planet.

It’s as much a spiritual exercise as it is fiscal one, this learning to decipher the difference between want and need.

This last windy evening of the year has me looking both at the year’s spiritual legacy, as well as some more practical elements of life.

We bought our first house this year, a decided stretch into the luxury of three bedrooms and a huge kitchen and a perfect writing/yoga/meditation space. Money is a little tighter than we might like. Luckily, we have mastered the teeter totter of marriage in this respect – one of us always seems to remain optimistic and calm enough to comfort the other through bank balance related panic.

Are we living within our harvest or within the bounds of what the bank was willing to loan a nice young couple with a great credit rating?

It’s easy, and probably pretty useless, to look at the monetary decisions we made this past summer through the gloomy lens of this fall’s economic, um, fall. Were we victims of easy credit living or part of the problem, Americans with aspirations bigger than their incomes?

Now, we try to pare down our spending. It’s not enough to make up for the gigantic leap up the housing ladder that we’ve made, but maybe I should quit worrying about that so much.

I have accepted “live within your harvest” as a sage bit of chastening wisdom. A sweeter, less cliched way of saying “live within your means.”

But what if I have been looking at it all wrong? What if we reexamine the meaning of “your harvest”?

img_1007_2I was wasting my energy on resigning myself to the limitations I have assumed were placed upon my harvest. There were thoughts of my paycheck and the hoped for tax return, but no trace of the metaphysical ramifications of the idea. I saw no more than a single August field, already having calculated how many rolls of hay it could produce.

In a matter of hours, a new year will begin. Many of my friends have already toasted its arrival and find themselves in 2009. I will awaken to fresh snow fall and the knowledge that I am the only one who can reign in my potential, who can set the boundaries around my harvest.

I look at this still inspirational phrase with fresh eyes. To live within my harvest is to exalt in all that I have created and be content with all that I have.

It is also a reminder that I must work to gather the sort harvest that I most need to live within. Why would I ever want to exceed my lot in life if I understand that determine so much of what my lot is in the first place?

Why not sow more powerful seeds so that the eventual reaping will be all the sweeter?

What do you want to harvest in this flawless, sparkling new year?

5 thoughts on “Live Within the Harvest of Your Own Creation

  1. Lisa January 1, 2009 / 9:49 am

    Another thoughtful, truth-telling post. It reminds me of how I started 2008 – with similar musings and convictions – and a blog to chronicle that journey (which died out after awhile, but was a good experience nonetheless). It can be found at (I intend to do a year-end recap there soon!)

    Also, the current issue of YES! magazine might help you. Do you know them? They are a fabulous resource! You can check out their website for more info.

    I’ve pared down a lot this past year – out of financial necessity. However, my current challenge remains the de-cluttering of my ‘stuff’. I have been blessed with an abundance of nice possessions over the years – only now they no longer represent the ‘me’ I want to be. They do not serve my purpose – only clutter my surroundings and keep me feeling stuck/stifled. So….purging things from my environment is on the top of the list for 2009!

    I look forward to following along with your journey. Blessings to you this New Year’s Day 🙂

  2. MamaPeg is Watching Out for You January 1, 2009 / 3:51 pm

    Thanks for sharing again with insight and wisdom. And, Lisa, thanks for your comment. It made me realize that this year HAS to be the year that I purge as well. My STUFF is too much.

  3. brandi January 1, 2009 / 4:47 pm

    okay I am totally not addressing the real point of this post (and I did get it) but congrats on the exposure!!!

  4. blisschick January 1, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    I’m with Brandi! Congrats on the MSN thing. SO VERY COOL! 🙂

    • girlwhocriedepiphany January 3, 2009 / 11:24 am

      Dear Lisa, I don’t know YES!, but I will check it out and it is good to know that you are on a similar wavelength when it comes to paring down and getting free of all this buy,buy,buy nonsense. I think it’s great that you took some time to look at all the stuff we are forced to consume and swallow.
      Isn’t it ridiculous the ways we becomes prisoners of our stuff? Now that we live in a much larger house we have room to breathe, but now we have to deal with other people (namely, my in-laws) who want to unload decades of their crap on us! The next mission is to make sure we referee what comes into our house and not allow the need demons take over and force us into filling these beautifully empty spaces with things we do not want or need.

      Dear MamaPeg, Good luck with the purge!

      Dear Brandi and BlissChick – Thanks! The rest of the blog is probably not what MSN Money readers are expecting, but who knows who might get hooked!

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