Unified Soul, Unified Self

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The elusive it we are seeking has so many different names. Union. Wholeness. Oneness. Balance. Wisdom. Enlightenment. Love.

All are shades of a desire to feel complete, to feel as if we can quit hoping and striving for Truth and just experience it.

An idea that keeps cropping up that I think helps us to get closer to this better place: non-duality.

Andrew Harvey was the first person I ever heard talk about having a non-dual relationship with the Divine. He offered the line by Sufi mystic Al Hallaj:

Between me and You, there is only me
Take away the me so that only You remain

The simple mathematics of this wisdom always stays with me. Meet the Divine by removing the only barrier that stands between us and God: the human ego.

Harvey talks a great deal about recognizing that we are not separate from God, but that we all carry the Sacred within us. We are all containers that hold Divine love and so we are always in union with God – if only we can allow this infinitely intimate relationship.

This idea of non-duality is also a beautiful way to look at the relationship that we have with our own true selves.

When we try to fool ourselves and the world that we really are several different people (the work self, the home self, the practical self, the creative self), we are setting up another set of barriers between us and happiness. We pretend that we can be productive and accomplished only if we can create a cast of characters who manage different aspects of life.

But, where ever you go, there you are – right? We need to lose the illusion that we can ever actually splinter ourselves or get in the way of our relationships with the true self.

What would happen if we all realize that the true sense of who we are does not have to be kept separate from the real world because we feel like we need to wear masks of protection?

How sweet could life be if we stopped living according to the dictates of the fragile ego and started living through the wisdom of the soul?

Between false self and true, there is only fear
Take away the fear so that only truth remains

3 thoughts on “Unified Soul, Unified Self

  1. Lisa December 14, 2008 / 8:52 pm

    Today I purchased and started to read Awakening to the Sacred by Lama Surya Das. It is just another in a long line (and many, many piles) of books I now count as constant companions on my current spiritual journey.

    Glimpses of the true self are emerging – as there are still years and years of layers & masks to peel off. However, I am getting closer – and the light is getting stronger.

    Thank you for these wise words, which I will add to the guidance for my daily practice – no fear…only love, truth and divine presence.

  2. ecoyogi December 14, 2008 / 9:06 pm

    Yes, nonduality within ourselves is key. Because that is the only place we can truly experience the divine. It is not “out there” or anywhere else for that matter. Yet we all have multiple personalities, and egos that try to control everything. It’s great to hear from women like you who let the wisest part of the Self speak the loudest!

  3. girlwhocriedepiphany December 15, 2008 / 7:50 am

    Dear Lisa,
    I have never read anything by Surya Das, but will definitely add his work to my own long list. Isn’t it gratifying to shed that which no longer serves you and realize all the potential that aches for release. Blessings and peace and strength on your journey.

    Dear EcoYogi,
    It does seem counterintuitive at times, doesn’t it – to look within, to quit trying to perfect our public selves, to stop looking endlessly upwards when we pray? And thank you for the very sweet compliment!

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