Witnessing this Moment

Do you feel it yet? Did it really happen? Can America actually have elected a black man running on a ticket of hope and change?

I know the realization has not seeped into my soul yet. I cannot integrate the events. I have not yet found a way to make it real.

When I visited my healer a couple of days ago, she followed her usual practice of kinesiology, or muscle testing, to discover words and concepts that resonate with me on a psychological and spiritual level. Usually they are ideas that trouble me, and this session was no exception: “experiencing my mind.” At first the phrases she comes up with almost always sound like they belong in fortune cookies, but they eventually make sense, even if I had never parsed my experiences in quite the same terms before.

My mind is my shelter and my weapon whenever the emotional world gets too hot. Refusing what my gut or my heart are trying to tell me, so often I try to muscle through on brain power alone. I resort to analyzing the situation rather than feeling it, I look for wisdom in the table of contents rather than in my own experience. Today, I jumped from website to website trying to find a way for the joy to penetrate, but could not find a way to truly feel my way through the moment.

Our worth in this world is so often determined by our perceived intelligence, by how swiftly you can take in information and sort it and use it for your own gain. The brain is such an inadequate organ, however, when you want to be moved and inspired by something so awesome and intense as Barack Obama becoming our next president.

There are a few brilliant moments in all of our lives, be it a marriage or a birth or an historic election that requires we do more than think about how everything just might change. This is one of those moments that must be fully witnessed, body and soul.


2 thoughts on “Witnessing this Moment

  1. Tess November 6, 2008 / 5:00 pm

    Well said! It is one of those moments, and nothing will ever be quite the same.
    By the way, I know what you feel about taking refuge in the mind – so difficult to get out and FEEL.

  2. Quiet November 7, 2008 / 12:53 pm

    Even as an Australian, I felt the moment and was so happy for America.

    Obama is a truly gifted man – one who inspire others with the conciousnes that they are in themselves noble souls and can change things for the better, make a better world for and with each other. I have a sense that America really needs this strong internal faith right now.

    Congratulations all. It was both a relief and a joy to see the celebrations on Wednesday evening. Hope you all stay on the path and that your faith supports and protects Obama.

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