Striking Back at the Empire

The purest, most powerful sense of excitement I have ever experienced was when I was four years old, shaking with anticipation in front of my grandparents’ TV about to see Empire Strikes Back for the very first time.

My excitement today is almost reaching those heights.

I should rewrite history and say that I was watching Return of the Jedi, the final movie where the Rebels win it all, but I have confidence that everything will work out exactly as it should, even without a perfectly formed Star Wars allegory.

For today, thoughts of soul and self are shelved. Despite all my level headed talk about the power of the individual’s shift in consciousness, right now I am allowing myself to be completely swept away by the entire fifty state drama. Tomorrow, there will be stillness, there will be contemplation, there will be peace, but tonight there will be blue Obama teeshirts, cable news watching, and, God willing, a champagne toast.


One thought on “Striking Back at the Empire

  1. blisschick November 4, 2008 / 2:05 pm

    I am so with you on this!

    I, too, you know, have been writing the whole “individual power; government isn’t the way” story for months — since I first started blogging in April.

    And yet, today…today I am a freaking bundle of nerves. I can barely concentrate on any work! Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh…I am near to breathless with excitement and fear!

    Here’s to champagne toasts! (Fingers crossed so tightly that I think I just heard a bone snap!)

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