Epiphany Evolved

Saoirse and meIn very different ways two of my favorite people in the world told me today that the blog idea was nice and all, but what I was saying didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Too many partially explained allusions to books they had never read, people they had never heard of. I cannot discount their intelligence or their positive intentions, so after less than two weeks of being EpiphanyGirl, it is time to try a different tack.

Now that I have stopped mourning the tragedy of being a misunderstood genius (ha!), I am willing to admit it is time to try expressing these thoughts without quotations and citations and the need to prove I have read just enough to be credible. Because the truth is, I have read a fair bit, but all those words barely begin to inform the thoughts that drove me to these epiphanies I am hinting at in my title. This quest is at least in part academic because that is an essential aspect of who I am, but to sanitize my beliefs by proving that others who caught the attention of a publishing house think the same thing is to deaden my prose and marginalize my own independent reasoning and insight.

So here’s today’s epiphany: I am a person with unique wisdom and ideas that deserve to be heard in their own right. You’ll read what I have to say not because I can tell you I agree with many of Rosemary Radford Reuther’s criticisms of Carol Christ’s work, but because I’m elucidating in some small way a few of those things we know, but don’t really know. Nobody likes a name dropper anyway (if you have read the same books and for some reason want to drop names with me, send me an email, we won’t submit the reading public to such scholarly navel-gazing any longer). I always thought that Bob Dylan (we all know him, right?) lyric was ridiculous: “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.” Here’s another epiphany: blog for ten days and understand one of our greatest modern poets, and not because you quoted him at length and studied him in grad school! I say farewell to the failed doctoral program bound student and introduce you to the woman who avoided all that stuff so she could live authentically in the real world (this is the part where the old me would include a quote about this nifty new philosophy called phenomenology I just read about, but you’ll have to look into my distant past – ok, three days ago – for such references). This writer remembers she is EpiphanyGirl and looks at the world with the wide eyes of a child, not through the narrowed gaze of someone who is considering how dissect experience for the next chapter of her dissertation.

We won’t say goodbye to all of the quotations (I’ll never stop celebrating the ancestors and the teachers), but if I start spiraling to far into my personal bibliography, can some one please let me know? (Ever so gently, of course).

Oh, and I include the photo because it is impossible to take yourself too seriously when you have a black lab licking your ear!

One thought on “Epiphany Evolved

  1. Ruaidhrí November 9, 2007 / 5:03 am

    Yes-blog needs more puppies. and pictures of new kitten!

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