Naming it and creating it… What is this business and what will we call her?

The basics: I am creating my own business.  I will be supporting and promoting holistic health care practitioners by offering my skills as a writer, an editor, a healer, and a visionary.  Yep, I dared call myself a visionary, and while I may not stick that on the business card, I know that talking with people about their dreams for their practice and helping them sketch out a way to realize their goals is going to be a huge part of my work.

I’ve got enough inner geek to see me through social networking and basic website creation, and I know I have a good eye and enough skill with InDesign to make some darn good publications.  And is describing a Vinyasa Yoga class in two sentences the coolest way to play with language that I could ever be paid for?  YES!

So, during the long drive home from work and picking up my Angel Baby last night I thought back to my word of 2010: COURAGE.  This whole enterprise is requiring buckets of the stuff, and I need to remind myself to dig deep and replenish the stocks at least once a day.  And so, the newest incarnation of my fledgling business’s name has been born:

Brave Harvest Holistic Promotions

Woke up this morning and I still like it.  It’s making me feel brave enough to move through the day despite all the nightmares and the fears of AM I INSANE to try to pull together a business while I still stick to the security of the day job AND play mommy with all my heart and soul?

Someday my husband will forgive me for chaining him to the kitchen where he creates the nourishment that keeps this Fierce Mama Machine moving along…

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~ by girlwhocriedepiphany on March 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Naming it and creating it… What is this business and what will we call her?”

  1. Yippee!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. I like the name of your business very very much. Brave Harvest Holistic Promotions! Yes, Marisa. It sounds really good. It fits very well what you describe. I love everything about it, but particularly the Brave Harvest part… Bravo! May all the good fairies surround the crib of your newly born business and give it all the characteristics it needs to become your dream come true.

    A shower of blessings :-)

  3. I have been travelling the Holy Land and missed your business building dilemma until this day, Marisa. Perhaps another two cents is acceptable on this.

    “Promotions” scares me in marketing. It seems slick and someone will “Lose” rather than procure “Win-Win”. Most businesses change that word to “Enterprises”, making it overused.

    You are not doing Promotions.
    You are not marketing Bravery.

    Your title should reflect what you are doing, and be recognised as such immediately. As an aside, when I lived in Bethlehem, PA, I saw a Women’s Hair Salon called “Curl Up and Dye”. I laughed aloud as I passed the salon, but please note….I recall the name a decade later.

    In the Holy Land, I ran into another enterprising business selling coffee near the real Bethlehem. It is called “Stars and Bucks”, alluding to Starbucks for coffee within, Stars of Bethlehem, and the Bucks you will depart for their product. I shall long recall that name as well.

    The market is flooded with businesses that come and go.
    Deep thought on a name is critical to success.
    Look how long you thought on the choice “Moira” before deciding.

    You may want to go back to the drawing board as the name you love does not inform the public what you offer.
    We are in the midst of massive Health Care reform and you could easily present a name alternative to that mess in Washington, or go with humor and be light, but perceptive.

    For example of the latter, “Bye-Bye Boo-Boo’s for Body and Soul”.
    “Health Care That’s Whole, Holy, and Yours Now”

    I have put little thought into this as you can see, but if you truly want to build a business, especially a niche business and see it grow, the name has to be vivid to all….and memorable.
    Give it some thought.

    I suspect with regular job, baby on board, hubby to love, and household to keep, life is a 78 RPM album on a 33-1/3 RPM woman….searching for a 45 RPM sound. It will come in due time.
    Build your business in the moments you have, and build it correctly each step of the way. Success can be the only outcome due to the sound judgment you are noted for in your writings.

    We do not communicate as often as before. I simultaneously miss that, and send praise aloud that there is a season for everything under the heavens. May your season as mom, wife, worker, and writer be followed by a season as prosperous business owner.

    God bless you and your family abundantly.


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