Help me name my new business!

So, you’ve heard about all that is keeping me from writing in this space, and things are no less hectic!  But I am truly loving the ride toward creating the future that my family and my spirit are longing for.

I need your help, dear blog readers.  I am building a new business supporting and promoting holistic health practitioners.  Thing is, I can’t decide what to name it.  Do I go for clever and make people say “what an intriguing name!  whatever could they do?”  Or, do I play it safe and throw another soothing, but semi-generic name into the alternative healing soup?

Please leave me other questions and ideas in the comments section!

I miss you all!

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~ by girlwhocriedepiphany on February 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “Help me name my new business!”

  1. I love mermaid on a motorbike, but if people will find you through the internet, it’s not seo friendly. Maybe a combo of the above so your url has the subject of your business in it… Random thought-What about MM? Holistic Health Promotions -(M)oira, (M)arrisa (?)Husband’s initial. Good luck!

    • Sybil, This is the problem: I am in LOVE with Mermaid On A Motorbike and everything else pales beside it. My folks gave Mike and I metal sculpture that perfectly represented us when we got married. You know you’re a unique couple when a mythical creature and a two wheeled machine sums you up perfectly!
      So I wanted to ply with the idea of how marketing your holistic health services can push you out of your element (fish out of water…) but that I can help you move confidently down that road. But, it seems it all may be too obscure…
      And husband = Mike. Too bad 3M makes one think of tape…
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Very exciting!

    I love Mermaid on a Bike, but I think you need to mention what the business will actually do. You could try combinations – Mermaid Holistic Health Promotions for example. Bear in mind several things:
    what domain names are available;
    how you are going to promote the business, e.g. what social networking tools;
    what google searches are people running, so you can get to the top of them (check out Google’s Introduction to AdWords:

    Good luck

    • Hi Tess!
      I’m married to the mermaid idea for the reasons in my reply to Sybil, so if she is going to without her wheels I think I need to move on. Mermaid Ridge will most likely be the name of my healing practice (a smaller, complementary undertaking), mainly because we overlook the Shawangunk Ridge here in the Hudson Valley. is taken by a UK shop – go figure!
      Thanks for the search advice!
      More as it develops!

  3. Sess – you should have the word Holistic in it at least so people who want anything holistic would see your name and respond. What about Holistic Health Support Services?

  4. wait a minute my comment erased! I said Holistic Health Support Services. HHSS. You definitely need the Holistic Health in the title so people know what it is. Plus it can be googled easily. Hope you were kidding about the mermaid thing. Oh there’s my comment up above! Oh well here’s another one!

    • Peg – It sounds like I would be offering my clients some special stockings! You know me, I need something much less… sensible. And yeah, I was actually pretty serious about the Motorbike Riding Mermaid.
      Back to the drawing board I go…!

  5. Sess,
    Yes to words Holistic, Health, Promotions to define what you do but how to make it your own yet simple and catchy. Mermaid Valley Holistic Health Promotions, too wordy? Holistic Valley has meaning in your area. Mermaid on Motorbike Holistic Health Promotions or M.O.M. Holistic Health Promotions ? I agree that your listing/ search requirements will rule. Let the creativity flow!

  6. I hear what you’re saying re Mermaid on a Motorbike. The problem is probably the extent to which you will need to capture random internet traffic, for the reasons people have said.
    But if you have a strong emotional connection to this name, maybe it’s meant to be, and the logo possibilities are fab.
    A couple more suggestions and questions:
    Use Mermaid but always always always promote with the strapline Holistic Health Promotions or similar.
    Who are you aiming at and where? Will your practitioners go out to find you or will you target them? If you’re waiting to be found, the name is more of a problem.
    I must admit I don’t quite understand what you would be doing – kind of PR for holistic folks?
    Of course, there’s another way to look at it. Perhaps Mermaid is so unusual and quirky that it will be an advantage because no-one would forget it. One other good thing is that the industry you’re targeting is probably one of the few where a quirky name wouldn’t be seen as a sign of derangement…

  7. OK, at the risk of getting a bit obsessive about this, I think I’ve managed a complete turnaround (on a motorbike!) from my first opinion. Mermaid is a risky name but I think it has the potential to make your business really memorable rather than just another conventional name. Provided that the service you offer is extraordinary of course, (goes without saying!) this could be your Purple Cow (Seth Godin).

  8. Oh Tess!
    I am so flattered that you are obsessing nearly as much as I am! I can only hope to create a future in a filed where “a quirky name wouldn’t be seen as a sign of derangement…” I LOVE THAT!
    Anyway, I am also all over the map. Part of me is realizing I cannot say Mermaid on a Motorbike without sounding like I am apologizing for my overtly quirky self. But I am having trouble saying “Holistic Valley Promotions… I know it’s boring.”
    Now I am playing with other important images in my life…

    Crow Flies Holistic Promotions is the love of the moment.

    I am also trying to get “venture” in there because I love that word and because it is relevant. is taken, but I don’t despise Holistic Venture Promotions (though there is nothing very concrete about that… I kind of want a mythical or animal totem to rely on – I’ll need their guidance!).

    Oh my, what is a mermaid/epiphany girl/epiphany mama to do? Heck, do I quit trying to reinvent the wheel and call Epiphany Holistic Promotions??? Moira will be my “mascot” – she is in the rest of my life after all!

  9. ok…I wrote once, but it got erased. Will try to remember what I said.
    Personally, I love Epiphany Holistic Promotions. I am all for quirky names….my fave thing…therefore I love Mermaid on a Motor Bike. However, Epiphany ties back to Moira and what better way to promote holistic services than by giving it the name of Epiphany! Those searching for that oft elusive slap on the forehead and twinkle in the eye.

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