Oops, We Lost Her Again

I vanished down the rabbit hole again, but here the Mad Hatter’s table is attended by a baby who grows more alert by the day; a version of my birth story I am trying to get published; a greater attention to my meditative life (even if it’s only in five minutes glimpses); hopes of rededicating myself to my healing work; trying to get my new business off the ground; and still bringing in a steady paycheck with the day job.  And, and, and…

Full of run on sentences and long to do lists and tasty bedtime reading: Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morganstern (shockingly, I have not wanted to throw it across the room! I need her help!).

Someday, I’ll be back – PROMISE!

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~ by girlwhocriedepiphany on February 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Oops, We Lost Her Again”

  1. It’s OK, we trust you, you’ll be back! And what a fabulously juicy interesting life you’re leading. Also, Julie Morganstern is seriously good news. I have that book and it’s excellent.

  2. My Gosh, Marisa, these few lines would make you a most fascinating woman, if I did not already think you are! Your multi-tasking impresses me. I know nothing of the book you mention, but will check it at Amazon. May the Force be with you, young woman, with you, the baby and the man in your life :-) Your post glows with energy :-)

  3. Oh, my sweet ladies! I love that you read “interesting” rather than “insane” and “fascinating” rather than “frazzled” into my quickie pre-dawn post! Right now, I am right there with you, riding the wave of this great adventure. But, whenever I hit a trough I am going to think of your kind wisdom and remember that this is indeed an intriguing journey and count all my blessings and praise the gods that there is no way I will EVER be bored!
    Blessings and gratitude! Marisa

  4. I can’t wait to be in the rabbit hole, drinking tea and always, always crying “Clean cup clean cup move down move down!” As it is always a table full of cups, though not neccessarily clean ones. Remember all the tarot readings? Love you and see you tomorrow!

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